Send money to Iran


Danesh Pardakht is a Iranian-Canadian money remittance service provider. We have been serving Farsi-speaking customers around the world and other nationalities who are looking to send money to beloved ones in Iran.

We accept all major currencies including Euro and USD in variety of Payment methods such as Bank transfer, PayPal and Credit cards.

Our same day payment to all banks and credit union in Iran had made our service superior and competent.


To start sending fund to Iran, simply follow up these steps:


1- Choose your funding method

You will next be prompted to enter the send amount and currency


2- Check the conversion rate and fees

Click continue to process to registration page, if you are not already logged in


3- Finalize your transfer

Once you have submitted your request, there will be an approval step to check everything is in place. After that, you will be able to fund your transfer and wait for completion in the given timeframe.

Please be informed your identity should be verified before steps in further actions; therefore, you are required to take necessary actions.

Our dedicated team try to respond very quickly to your requests or any probable questions. Simply Email us or submit a ticket.

If you prefer to have online chat with our agents please click now (bear in mind our live chat agents are be able to assist you according to Iran’s working hours)